It’s April 2016 and it’s been quite awhile since I posted anything, probably two years at least. During the time I’ve been absent from this blog I have pursued many additional things on the path to recovering my full health: psychotropic power plants, BioAcoustics, Somatic Experiencing, Acupuncture, Neurofeedback, Qigong, Mindfulness Meditation, Hypnotherapy, more rewiring of my brain through Neuroplastic Training exercises, and further exploration with supplements. They have all been helpful in some way. I will provide further information on those I found to be the most profound.

I am not yet symptom free but my condition has changed quite a bit. Mostly in the way I experience and relate to it. There was a time when my symptoms defined me. Understandable, since they can be terrifying at their worst, and limiting at their best. They abated, then increased, then abated, and it still continues on like this. They were the central theme of my life, my identity. Over time there has been a transition though, and something else has taken center stage. I have found a strength in my ability to just be, to sit in the middle of the storm and not be swept up into the winds. In the center is my awareness, now the symptoms just sit on top of that.

I credit Somatic Experiencing (SE) for this transition(1). It is a technique which allows you to safely experience any sensation in your body, and allows any thought or memory that might be associated with that sensation to surface. It creates a secure space to release trauma and emotional baggage that lingers in the body.

Looking back I can see that Continuum Movement was the first technique that gave me access to this level of body/emotional awareness and was the most quieting to my nervous system. It set the stage for the kind of inner listening that SE utilizes. This kind of listening has benefits on more levels than I expected. Always I am seeking “the cure,” meaning no more symptoms. In my journey with SE, instead of the essential benefit being physical results, it has revealed a way of relating to life that is not determined by pre existing patterns. It has offered me real growth and put me on more solidly on the path towards living in an awakened state. An awakened state being an awareness of the perfection of the moment, regardless of circumstance. Perhaps in this state of being my symptoms will fall away, or maybe they just won’t matter anymore.

In the meantime I have had the good fortune to be introduced to a wonderful support group on Facebook for people diagnosed with PD called Parkinson’s Healing(2). Through the group I have gained more information, and inspiration to try new things.

I offer many thanks to all the wonderful contributing members and special thanks to Rebekah for so kindly bringing me to the group, Paul for creating and magnificently directing it, Satsatnam(3) and Bianca(4) for their helpful chronicles, and Lon, who created a great Hypnotherapy program called Stem Cell Hypnotherapy(5).

I hope you find this information helpful, and I welcome your questions and comments.

Happy healing.

(1)  http://www.traumahealing.org/about-se.php

(2)  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1434293886860761/1592812271008921/?notif_t=group_activity&notif_id=1461231021949594

(3)  http://www.lightheartedtherapy.com/

(4)  http://www.mettamorphix.com/about-us/

(5)  https://www.facebook.com/Stem-Cell-Hypnotherapy-343363585722426/info/?tab=page_info


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