Thanks to Joe from Ohio for sending me some of these links to keep us all updated about the latest in non-drug research!

Finally, some great minds are acknowledging that the available drugs are lacking, especially over the long haul. Here are some new treatments with amazing results. More will be included as I become aware of them.

For TMJ related PD, this is a bit long but the follow-up results are astounding:

These shoes help with gait disorders:

Smart glasses are in development for PD use. I used a form of them and more tools like this with the functional neurologist:

Smart Glasses for PD

I spoke with the directors of this study and they felt this treatment would get a fast track from the FDA:

MRI Guided Ultrasound

As simple as riding a bike:


4 thoughts on “Non Drug Research

  1. Hi Joe,

    Other than having cabin fever, I am well. Hope you are well also.

    The glasses I used were not the same. They were for training my left side only and I did not wear them out walking. They were an alternate way to trick the brain by using mirror therapy. So, they are a form of smart glasses but not the appropriate form for gait issues.

    Here they are:

    Apologies, I wish I had some experience with the ones you are considering. Any way to contact someone who distributes them and give them a try before plunking down such a fee?

    Also, have you found a functional neurologist? They might have a way for you to try the glasses?

    All the best,

  2. Hi Laura,

    How are you doing with the fever. I hope you are well now. Well, I haven’t gone to see a functional neurologist yet. I am planning to do so in the near future.

    keep in touch


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