Recovery from Parkinson’s Disease? That sounds like a wonderful fairytale. But could it actually be possible to recover from PD?

You may find yourself believing it can once you read the materials available through pdrecovery.org. There is a wealth of new information there, gathered from years of clinical experience, that has given me cause for hope. There are several publications you can download for free.

I could try to explain the extremely compelling research findings and subsequent theories but I can not do them justice. I invite you to have a look for yourself. I think you too will find that the information is spot on. I think you will also be excited by the new possibilities made available through the use of the information in their publications.

The author was not able to grant me an interview but she did answer one question. Since her findings have been available for some time, I was wondering why they were not widely publicized. Even the acupuncturists I have encountered have not discussed any ideas particularly contrary to the accepted opinion of western medicine with me. In her words: “Most ground breaking research takes at least twenty years to be accepted into mainstream (clinical) medicine, unless there is a product to sell. Since there is no product to sell with our findings, we should assume that the standard twenty year delay will apply.”

I for one am not willing to wait that long.


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