Sound is something we take for granted in our daily world. We rarely take notice of how deeply it can affect our physiology, through both the sounds we hear and the sounds we make. I had an interesting and unexpected experience with sound. During an MRI, I discovered that a random sound frequency temporarily stopped my PD tremor, so I went in search of sound therapy. I was lucky enough to find Leydin. My session with her was an incredible experience. Read on to learn more about what she does.

LT: I’m speaking today with Leydin Kotapish. Leyden you have many talents as a healer, can you explain them to me?

Leydin: Sure, thank you by the way. What I’ve been working with for about 6 or 7 years are crystal singing bowls, they are my main tool. What I work with aside from the crystal singing bowls is, I utilize something called Matrix Energetics, which basically is working with quantum physics to bring about change by the collapse of a particular wave form, that could look like disease. So I combine the bowls with Matrix Energetics. Now the bowls they just make my heart sing. I find them to be amazing. I’ll tell you a little bit about what they are. The crystal singing bowls are 99.9% quartz crystal, which is poured into a mold and its fired at 4000° fahrenheit. They come in different sizes, but the size doesn’t matter, it’s the tone that matters, and each bowl has a tone that corresponds to the note in the body the corresponds to a particular chakra. For example, the heart chakra is the note F, so I have a bowl that is the note F, which works with the heart chakra. The bowls, there is a spirit in them, there is a consciousness, so when I work with them it doesn’t matter really what chakra they correspond to or what note. It’s like they know what to do, the sound just knows where to go in the body. So that’s why I love working with them

LT: I was going to ask you, why do you think they have such a profound effect? I had a session with you and it was incredibly powerful. Why do you think that is?

Leydin: Well, a couple of reasons. On the physical level, on a very basic basic physical level, not even getting into the spiritual or metaphysical, human bodies are partially composed of millions and millions of crystals that exist throughout the body, throughout the skull, in our teeth, in our bones, and when the bowls are played there is a resonance that occurs between the body and the bowls. It’s this vibration that has a great effect on the spine, and it diffuses along the nerve pathways to the organs, tissues, cells, and in turn affects the blood circulation and the metabolism as well. Another thing which is really cool is that the sound, the vibration, is so tangible you can’t help but feel it and that penetrates the body, touching the cells and causing them to rebalance their energies. Then by osmosis and by resonance, as the sound’s effects progress, touching a cell or several, they in turn touch other cells and the process is repeated until all cells are moving in harmony— not only with each other but with the wave form of the sound. The high water content of the body lets the bodies tissues help to conduct the sound. On a physical level, the overall effect is like a deep, deep massage on a molecular level.

LT: What kind of results have you had with people? What do people say about how it affects them?

Leydin: Really incredible things. When I work with someone, and I really don’t like using the word work, I like to say play with someone, I don’t even seek out to know what they want to heal. If they tell me what they want to achieve, what their intention is. that’s great. But I just ask them to have their intention in their heart, because I feel like the sound just does whatever it needs to do. So for example I did a tour with them (the bowls) cross country and played at different places, health centers, schools, things like that. I was at a school—and kids love them, the bowls. Adults love them too, the adults become like kids because it’s like something they’ve never seen or heard. So I was playing them for this class. I played them for maybe like 20 minutes, and then the next day I got a phone call from the mom of one of the girls, and the mom said that her daughter has had rib pain for like 5 or 6 months, and that they had taken her to the doctor and to this place and to that place and nobody knew what it was. It was just like, okay, there is a rib pain but its just there and she’s going to live with it. So the mom told me that when she got home the pain was gone.

LT: Wow.

Leydin: And it wasn’t there the next day. Now mind you, I had no clue about this. I didn’t know if the kids had any pain or anything like that. So that was really cool. So this keeps happening, I have had it happen with a lady with lower back pain. I did not know she had lower back pain but I felt guided to take one of the bowls and put it on her lower back, and she said that it helped with the pain. She wanted to get one herself so she could use it. There’s a bunch of stories, another one, I’ll tell you one more story, because it’s one of my favorites. I gave a session to this lady and she was deaf, she can hear with hearing aids on but when she took them off it was silence. It was interesting giving her a session because it’s sound but she didn’t have the ability to hear it. So she took off her hearing aids and what I do is when I get a private session the person lays down and I make a circle around them with the bowls, so it is like a sound chamber.

LT: Right.

Leydin: It’s pretty amazing, it’s like everything else ceases, just the sound is there. So afterwards it was so fascinating because she said she felt the sound. She didn’t have to hear the sound, she felt the sound in her, but she said that she felt the vibrations going into her ear canal and it was pushing against something there. And now mind you her and I are having this conversation without her putting her hearing aids back in.

LT: Interesting…

Leydin: Which blew me away, and of course you know I had to be loud, but it was still such a huge shift from like 45 minutes ago where she had to use hearing aids to have a conversation.

LT: After the session she had this conversation with you?

Leydin: Yes, without hearing aids.

LT: Wow.

Leydin: So that really blew me away, and it makes me feel like it big hit. I’m so happy to have experiences like this. Just in general, I would say like 90-95% of the time, the most common thing I hear is is how relaxed the person feels, how light they feel and also they feel like they just had this—and I hear this so many times that it makes sense— amazing massage, and then when they are walking around they are just sort of floating.

LT:  Well Leydin, I think your work is fabulous and I wish I could see you everyday frankly, but I want to thank you for talking with me about this.

Leydin: Thank you so much. I really appreciate this opportunity, it’s been a pleasure.

LT: Great.

Leydin Guce, Matrixofsound.com


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